Want to boost your e-commerce sales? Start with better product content - Quable

Want to boost your e-commerce sales? Start with better product content - Quable

Your e-commerce site is up and running. You have good traffic and a good number of page views per visitor. But your sales are not taking off as you would like? There is often a culprit, which you probably do not suspect: your product content. Of course, you will tell me that you have the basic information necessary for the customer to place an order (basic descriptions, size). But is that really enough? 

Customer experience at the heart of your strategy

Today, the customer experience and shopping journey is a major success factor for any e-commerce site. The customer searches, examines and compares products before making a purchase: on your site, on your competitors' sites, on shopping comparison sites. They are looking for relevant information about a product or a product category. With customers becoming more and more volatile and the boundaries between e-tailers offering an ISO experience becoming more and more permeable, it is necessary to differentiate yourself by implementing an adapted content marketing strategy.

This is where the Product Information Manager (PIM) PIM allows you to manage the full range of your product data - including SEO-related marketing data - within the same platform. PIM allows e-tailers to provide customers with up-to-date, well-presented, visually appealing product data so that they can inform themselves and buy.
Here's how PIM can help you achieve better conversion rates.

Fill up on product information

Don't skimp on the subject. Anyone can find the information they are looking for about a product in multiple places in a matter of seconds. So make sure you have as much product information as possible (and as up-to-date as possible) on your site so that your customers have everything in front of them to take the next step: the act of buying. Obviously, if you manage thousands of products in different sizes, colours and shapes, that's a lot of product information to manage. The PIM allows you to manage, organise and store all this information easily and quickly within a single repository.

Promote your products through the media

Although buying products online is very convenient, there is no way to replicate the buying experience as it exists in the "traditional" channel. However, you can try to replicate it as best you can by adding photos, videos that will give a better idea of the product the customer wants to buy. This type of content, which goes beyond descriptions, is a significant asset in giving the customer confidence and pushing him towards the act of buying. A PIM solution allows you to manage and associate your media with product data with the same objective: to provide your customers with a maximum of quality and up-to-date information.

More choice = More cross-selling and up-selling

Once the PIM is in place, creating and managing product data, whether from internal (ERP, CRM etc.) and/or external (Extranet, supplier portal etc.) sources, is done in near real time. But then, what is the impact on the customer experience? With a reliable and complete product knowledge base, you can develop new omnichannel strategies by distributing your information on multiple channels (mobile, marketplaces, distributor extranet, social networks, etc.). with a drastic reduction in Time-To-Market. You provide a better shopping experience for your customers, making their search easier and giving them more reasons to come back to your site.


So, by improving the customer experience on your e-commerce site, by providing them with accurate, up-to-date and visually appealing information, you bring the consumer closer to you and encourage them to buy today and build loyalty for tomorrow. The most effective way to create this environment is to enhance and leverage your information with the Product Information Manager (PIM). Your online shop will be more welcoming, engaging, comprehensive and therefore profitable.

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