Unifai & Quable: Unstoppable data reliability

Unifai & Quable: Unstoppable data reliability

The reliability of the data produced is a major issue that can be ensured by automating them, in order to improve their quality.

In addition to automating the reliability of product data,Unifai 's promise is also to move from under-sourced, structured and standardized files to cleaned, structured and enriched files using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the most automated way possible. Why and how to make the most of AI? What is the relevance of the Quable-Unifai partnership?

AI and automation for the best of your product data

Unifai 's SaaS platform has created several modules, some of which include AI, others of which respect intelligent rules, which can be combined according to the use cases of the customer(s), and thus best respond to customer issues.

data reliability and automation: the Unifai model

What problems are avoided? Forget about classification errors, anomalies, duplicates, missing product attributes that affect your conversion rate. The AI engine processes tens of thousands of product data in a few minutes and guarantees less than 5% error rate from the first use.

What are the ROI and benefits of Unifai for its customers? The time-to-market is a crucial element for e-merchants and for Warmango, it has been reduced by 2, and by 7 for the 58 facets marketplace! For Intersport, 80% of the tasks have been automated and this manual work now automated has allowed to save 18h of work per person per week.

Implementing a pim solution coupled with a tool like Unifai is the guarantee of the best data quality, thanks to artificial intelligence, reliable product sheets, systematically updated product information, and quick and easy creation of product catalogs.

A promise with common pillars with Quable

Like Quable's PIM, Unifai's SaaS platform is easy to use and designed so that reference managers, category managers and e-merchandisers can take advantage of a turnkey tool, no technical implementation is required. For Quable and for Unifai, it is not enough to be a computer scientist to correctly enter product data.

Both the intuitive interfaces and the simplicity of the APIs allow each user to connect easily and quickly to any part of the workflows set up.

How does the Unifai/Quable duo cooperate? After the Unifai platform has retrieved the data related to the products from files of various formats (Excel, SAP...), the software processes them following the different modules as explained above and according to the specificities and problems of each customer.

Quable intervenes in a second phase for the stages of standardization, harmonization of the common work of the teams, mass modification of the data, before all these data can finally be sent to the agencies, the Web, Print and all the different channels of our customers.


The Quable/Unifai partnership guarantees that the data collected will be correctly and (very) quickly normalized and standardized , thus facilitating decision making.

The complementarity of the two tools, with similar designs and easy to use, allows each team and collaborator to work harmoniously with reliable and quality data, without forgetting the independence of each and everyone, while having an overall vision of the current and future projects.

If you are interested, ask for a free demo!

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