Quable and Shoppingfeed: the alliance to push the boundaries of e-commerce

Quable and Shoppingfeed: the alliance to push the boundaries of e-commerce

As a major player in your e-commerce strategy, Shoppingfeed will help you to boost the visibility of your products, create traffic on your website and centralize the management of your orders by connecting you to the marketplaces and by managing your activity.

Combined, the duo Quable & Shoppingfeed represents the key to the success of your online sales strategy. We explain why and how this synergy and complementarity work.

How is Shoppingfeed positioned and what are its singularities?

Shopping feed, as an e-commerce feed manager, distinguishes itself from the competition by several aspects:

  • His vision: the e-commerce sector is an extremely large ecosystem, allowing to push back a lot of limits for whoever wants to be present everywhere. Through this vision, Shoppingfeed's mission is to be able to address this environment with efficiency in order to get the maximum benefits.
  • Its situation: in a few figures, Shoppingfeed is: more than 60 employees who collaborate with us and their customers in a human way, more than 2500 customers (brands, distributors, retailers) with very different profiles, about forty product universes covered, and it is also a solution leader on its market in term of connected platforms with more than 1000 distribution channels, on about forty countries.
  • Its business: concretely, Shoppingfeed connects to a database (hence the relevance of the alliance with Quable), retrieves product information, centralizes them in the Shoppingfeed account, lets the e-merchant decide on which platforms he wants to be present and helps the merchant to manage his commercial activity on the chosen platforms.

A partnership based on a mutual goal

Two complementary entities with a single goal: to focus on marketplaces to help our customers reduce their time to market considerably. The objective of this partnership is to help e-merchants to be present as quickly as possible on the chosen marketplaces. Where Quable, thanks to its solution PIM, takes care of centralizing, enriching and distributing your product data, Shoppinfeed, on the other hand, accompanies you in the management of the technical part to sell on the platforms in question. More than 200 marketplaces are available to you, some of them are generalist (Amazon, Ebay, Cdiscount...) to capitalize on the high traffic they generate, others are specialized (La Redoute, ManoMano, Natures & Découvertes...) to capitalize on a more qualified traffic.

Freeing yourself from the constraints of e-commerce does not only mean operating via marketplaces, but also via hundreds of other acquisition channels: social networks, Google Ads, affiliation, retargeting platforms, live shopping solutions... to connect in an unlimited way, in order to be the most visible as an e-merchant.

Shoppingfeed & Quable : our common points

To help e-retailers push the boundaries of e-commerce, the Shoppingfeed-Quable alliance is based on several common points, dear to us and important in the daily support of our customers:

  • Solutions in Saas mode : intuitive, ergonomic platforms, accessible from anywhere, for any collaborator, offering great flexibility for contributors and users.
  • A human accompaniment: Quable puts a point of honor in the accompaniment of our customers in the adoption of the solution but also, just like Shoppingfeed, proposing expert interlocutors dedicated to your company. Several levels of support exist according to the needs and maturity of the customer and each consultant is there to guide you and recommend various actions according to your sector, your customers and the e-commerce trends.
  • Made in France: Quable and Shoppinfgeed are both French solutions (cocoricooo), developed with their own funds, without raising funds, and have been operating on the market for about ten years, which proves that we were made to get along.


Through numerous features such as data and channel management as well asperformance analysis and consulting, Shoppingfeed, combined with Quable, offers you the possibility to sell everywhere, better and without limits.

Choosing the alliance between Quable and Shoppinfeed gives you the opportunity to multiply the possibilities offered by e-commerce, to break down the barriers related to this sector to boost the visibility of your products, to be present as quickly as possible on the appropriate platforms that comprise the e-commerce ecosystem and thereforeincrease your online sales.

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