What are PIM and DAM?

The PIM, or Product Information Manager (PDM, Product MDM), is the unique space which allows you to centralize and manage the marketing information of your products.

The DAM or Digital Asset Manager is the must-have complement to the PIM allowing you to manage all of the media associated with your products (images, videos, data sheets, standards, etc.).

Quable brings these two concepts together to form one single, professionally-oriented solution.

Quable PIM Dashboard

Enjoy a precise overview of your product information with just one quick glance.

Conveniently view your enrichment workflow.

Follow the state of completeness of your data in real time.

Use the flexibility of Quable PIM to create your own gauges, and define your KPIs.

Organize your dashboards by profession.

Quable PIM Ergonomics

Enjoy the interface created by our UX designers to make your life easier – from the menu to the colors, right down to the very last detail, we’ve thought of everything.

Access all your product data in just a few clicks; gone are the days of losing time in cumbersome and complex interfaces.

Enjoy working on an elegant and intuitive interface which faithfully adapts the processes of your business.

product catalog

Customize your product sheets and trees with complete autonomy.

Use the rules engine to automate the construction of classifications.

Add, edit, and remove products en masse.

Manage cross-selling and up-selling directly in Quable PIM.

Customize several classifications according to your sales channels.

product page

Manage all product-associated media (photos, videos, data sheets, etc.) in the DAM.

Import or export your media one by one or en masse.

Automatically associate your media with the right data sheets.

Manage versioning, image rights, validity dates, and tags.

Reframe, resize, and name your photos automatically.

PIM Workflow

Define the enrichment workflow for each contributor.

Having your teams work together is easy thanks to the built-in task assignment tool (ticketing).

Set up automated and customizable notifications.

A system log lets you keep track of all your teams’ activities.

translation management PIM

Simultaneously diffuse all of your products internationally.

Structure and personalize your content in more than 26 languages.

Direct the work of your contributors by way of translation contexts.

Follow the breakdown and completion rates of your product portfolio, country by country.

Advanced Search Engine Quable PIM

Instantly access information.

Construct your advanced requests with the help of filters.

Save them so they can be replayed at any time.

Use these searches to export results and create your dashboards.