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Welcome aboard Quable Air, for your flight to omnichannel performance.

We are proud of the success of our clients’ PIM projects. That’s why we put our detailed knowledge of brand challenges to work for them, whatever their business sector.

Quable Air guides you every step of the way, providing step-by-step support as you adopt your PIM.


Thank you for choosing Air to add that extra sparkle to your product experience

During this flight, you will enjoy 4 enriching stages before reaching your final omnichannel destination.

Product Data

Our teams analyze your professional practices and advise you on the best way to structure and coordinate your product data.


Workflow & Flux

Studying the inflows and outflows of data allows us to calibrate volume. The orchestration of the enrichment process is built around the various contributors and content and media validation steps.



This is the step where your wishes and our understanding of your needs come together. We update the data model to match your flows of data. In other words, we create your PIM.

Acceptance Testing & Training

You take charge! We supply you with a testing method for acceptance so that you can familiarize yourself with your PIM solution and feel confident that it meets your expectations. Our product teams are on hand to adjust the PIM and provide support as you take control of the system.

Omnichannel Performance

The PIM has now been launched and configured. It is ready for use, and you are about to reap the full benefits. At this precise moment your life will change forever. Take a deep breath, and enjoy!


Try Quable

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