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Quable’s features meet our customers’ needs and adapt to their daily use of the PIM.

Regularly updated and smoothly integrated, they facilitate the advancement of PIM projects in all sectors concerned.

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Collect product contents and pictures from multiple sources and centralize them within a unique repository.

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Data import

Import your data in mass whatever their source thanks to the power of our import management engine. Easily adjust transmission volumes and frequencies with our Graph API technology.

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Customized product page

Create and customize unlimited product pages according to the specificities of your products. Manage your variations and product variants (SKU) and then decline your descriptions for all your distribution channels.

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Advanced search

Perform advanced searches by auto-completion and by facets from the Elastic-search engine. Filter without limit on all the fields of your repository, save your filters then export your data in your favorite formats.

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Import and export all types of visuals (photographs, videos, sketches, etc.) in high definition. Manage image rights, metadata, technical details (photographer, model name, etc.) and automatically resize your photographs to fit effortlessly into each channel.


Syndicate and link your contents. Translate them and ensure a high quality and international Product experience.

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Product syndication

Collect and enrich your data according to the product groups specific to your activity: looks, collections, seasons, destinations and tourist activities, ranges and categories, etc. Then link your product sheets together to determine your cross and up-selling strategies and optimise your omnichannel distribution.

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Enrich the SEO fields (Title, META, Description, keywords, alt, etc.) on each product sheet to boost your visibility in search engines.

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Language inheritance

Quable PIM supports the architecture of the language versions of your product sheets. Define the rules that will allow your content to be displayed in the language that corresponds to your market

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Integrated translation

Translate your product sheets directly on Quable PIM in 44 languages thanks to our partner modules Textmaster and Edit-place connected by API. Let your contributors benefit from translation contexts to optimize the quality of your translations.


Make team work simple and enjoyable for marketing as well as digital teams. Define together your product data lifecycle.

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Communicate with your entire team through the news feed. Notify your contributors of the availability of a new range of products to start enriching them.

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News feed

Use this enrichment mode to allow a contributor to submit certain strategic content for validation and thus strengthen data quality control.

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Manage your activity with the “new”, “ongoing” and “resolved” task and status management center and stay constantly informed with alerts and notifications.

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Modification suggestions

Use this enrichment mode to allow a contributor to submit certain strategic content for validation and thus strengthen data quality control.


Monitor team work on product information quality. Follow your personnalized and dedicated KPIs.

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To do lists

Quable PIM automatically generates a to do list on your dashboard to help you increase productivity. Every day, see at a glance the products that require action on your part.

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Completeness and status

Define the criteria taken into account in calculating the completeness indicator. Customize this completeness by distribution channels, countries and product categories and then follow live the progress and quality of your data.

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Customized dashboard

Drive your product strategy from your custom dashboard. Create and assemble your widgets in unlimited: business views, data quality monitoring, country completeness, etc.


Opening a new sales channel has never been so easy. Ensure product information consistency on all your channels and touchpoints.

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PDF brochure

Export in an instant a portion or all of your data and media to a stylized .pdf support that enhances your product catalog.

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Catalogue paper/web

Simply create a product catalogue ready for printing to ensure that you always have up-to-date data.

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Bring your new collection, look set or product category together in one click in a custom-designed lookbook that reflects the spirit of your brand.

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Web Portal

A responsive mini-site connected to your PIM that displays your illustrated products and offers intuitive navigation within your database. Offer a true product experience to your distributors and in-store customers.

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