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Quable DAM Solution

An integrated DAM (Digital Asset Manager) solution to boost the visual efficiency of your products


The Quable DAM solution for whom?

Quable DAM (Digital Asset Manager) is the hub that centralizes all the visual elements (photographs, packshots, videos, pictograms, etc.) associated with each of your products. All the teams that create, modify, enrich or distribute these visuals work at the heart of the DAM integrated into the Quable suite.


Photo Studio

Automate the association of your media with the right product sheets and their resizing for each channel.


Marketing Team

Be notified when new visuals are added to a product sheet and begin data enrichment as a team.


E-commerce Team

Save precious time in the distribution of your product sheets. Take advantage of media resized on the fly according to the requirements of each of your sales channels.

What exactly is a DAM?

The DAM or Digital Asset Manager is the interface that centralizes all the visual documents that characterize a product sheet. These can be photographs, packshots, sketches, videos or even pictograms (labelling, safety warnings, food indicators, etc.).

Much more than a storage database, the DAM allows teams to :

  • save them precious time while limiting the risk of error by making the association of the media with the right product sheets more reliable.
  • enrich and manage new data sometimes neglected due to lack of tools: SEO metadata, contractual details of models and photographers, rights of use and image…
  • accelerate time to market for products on any channel by automating the resizing and retouching of visuals according to the requirements of marketplaces, e-commerce sites, paper catalogues, etc.

What are the benefits of a DAM?


Omnicanal Time-to-Market

Work a media, let it automatically adapt to all your channels. Your time to market is reduced and spread across all your channels.


Memorable Customer Experience

From the physical store to your eCommerce website through your marketplaces and other catalogs, offer a clear path to your customers.


Fiability & Efficiency

Integrate your asset management into a single product hub. Product sheets enhancers meet there.


Easily add, classify and find your assets on Quable DAM.


Import module

Add or update your media in bulk, regardless of file size, easily and quickly.


Tags and attributes management

Define the organization of your media yourself or rely on our intelligent tagging module to save time and efficiency.


Advanced search

Take advantage of our high-performance engine to find the asset of your choice with a simple keyword.


Content Delivery Network (CDN) option

Ensure the best availability of your asset if you are targeting international markets.


Take advantage of Quable DAM to improve the quality of your assets.


Artificial intelligence

Trigger automatic recognition of items, people and moods on your media to dynamically apply tags that will make it easier to search and enrich your assets.


Image rights management

Copyright, expiration dates… don’t seek this information any more, integrate it in your DAM.



Manually enter your ALT, Title and URL attributes or automate their creation through a naming scheme to improve your visibility on search engines.


Contractual data

Enrich the contact and contract information of the models, photographers and agencies that correspond to your media.


Labelling, safety and risk

Integrate product pictograms imposed by legislation (chemical, industrial, food products, etc.) or appreciated by consumers (nutri-score, energy balance, etc.).

Transform / Distribute

A chaque canal de vente son format. La règle d’or de Quable DAM : aucune action manuelle !



Apply your digital signature when a media is imported and protect your creations.



Define the desired sizes according to your needs, import a media and automatically gather its variations by dimensions.


Smart cropping

Trim your media in one click using the intelligence of Facial Detection and Features Detection.


Colorimetry profiles

Automatically apply color settings to your media to maintain artistic consistency across your sales channels

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