Our DNA, our story !

Quable is, above all, a vision: make marketing departments' life easier as they thrive to develop omnichannel presence.

Product information quality reflects the quality of a brand's products.
Clients base their perception of a product or service on the information - content or media - that depicts it. And they expect it to be consistent on every communication channel that they use. 

This is why we have built Quable PIM with the aim to turn product data into opportunities on every channel whether traditional or digital.

"At Quable, we continuously improve our solution in close partnership with our users' community. We pride ourselves in renewed excellence engagements as far as our clients' projects are concerned."
François-Emmanuel Lamellière, CEO

Working hand in hand with  our earliest clients, we developed a SaaS PIM solution that answers the needs of every business sector. 

Today, Quable PIM is deployed in over 50 countries worldwide, and dedicates the time of its 25 employees to support the success of its clients. In 2018, we will be increasing our workforce by over 30% and beginning our international expansion.


The managing Team


He co-founded Quable after seven years of freelance work. A specialist in object-oriented programming, web application analysis and design, project management and development organization, he became the guardian of technical expertise for our PIM solution and leader of the tech team in July of 2012.

Tanguy DU MESNIL - Chief Strategy Officer

Continuing a career path focused on strategy consulting and HR, he supports PIM's managers as they define and implement their roadmaps. He protects the synergy of Quable's strategy, and orchestrates the screening of internal talent.

François-Emmanuel LAMELLIÈRE - CEO

He began his career at GrosBill, E-Commerce pioneer, then gained experience at so-called traditional companies (industrial supply, construction, etc.). That's where he realized that well-handled product data had the transformative potential to support marketing department efforts to speed up digitization. He co-founded PIM in 2013 to revolutionize the product experience ecosystem.

Baptiste LEGEAY - Chief Sales Officer

Fascinated by communication strategies, he went from the world of telecom companies to that of social listening. He was struck by the potential that smart data holds for marketing services, so it was only natural for him to join Quable, first as our Chief Sales Officer, then as a partner. Now in charge of product data agility, he advises and supports brands seeking to improve their multichannel performance.

Chief Strategy Officer
Chief Sales Officer