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8 August 2018

When it comes to filling out data on product pages – product data enrichment – Marketing teams have a number of alternatives. The most accessible tool is Excel, which is the obvious first choice and the familiar territory we spontaneously gravitate towards.

But in order to sell well – whether via internet or print – you have to deliver impeccable product information to your customers. Trying to use excel in a strong competitive environment with seasonal flux, an omnichannel race in full swing and a demand for increasingly rich data, can quickly bring on a cold sweat.

Here are the 4 essential needs of Marketing teams which excel can unfortunately not completely cater for:

1) The reliability of product data

For all information to be filled out correctly, several excel files often circulate between Marketing, Product, SEO and E-commerce teams for a single product, which inevitably leads to time management and organizational issues.

When the deadline arrives to put a product on sale, it can sometimes be pretty complicated to find the right reference file with contributors all working simultaneously on different ones.

This kind of rabbit hole can lead to incomplete or confused product information that affects the product profile as it appears to potential customers.

2) Getting rid of errors

In the beginning excel can be your faithful ally, when there is only a small amount of product data to handle, but it can become a major source of errors as the flow of data increases. With a greater file size the legibility of data can be compromised too, thus preventing information checks from being carried out correctly.

For example, the same product could appear several times in a file without you knowing, and duplicates containing faulty data could be fed into your E-Commerce sites and marketplaces.

The solution ? Use a PIM to work with unique consolidated data. Then contributors can benefit from a user-friendly, ergonomic tool and be certain they are always working on the right product file.

You can’t trace specific contributors or manage the work process with Excel either. In contrast, the PIM’s integral contribution workflow enables you control and mastery of the data enrichment operation.


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3) Increase productivity

To increase productivity, you need a combination of increased speed and quality of the data enrichment phase. This is quite difficult to achieve with Excel.

The PIM has an advantageous system for data completion which allows you to set the data completion requirements. For example if a product has only 50% of fields completed, the right contributor is sent an alert to continue filling out the product page.

Thanks to the PIM dashboard which provides a to-do list, and groups together necessary tasks and actions, each contributor knows perfectly well what they need to do and when.

Collaborating with a PIMallows teams to communicate better, go faster, and improve productivity.

4) Facilitating collaboration

Excel files are usually sent back and forth using the company’s internal messaging service. This wastes time because you have to keep downloading and sorting files according to the file structure, indeed, there are no particular norms for the procedure.

Identifying the best recipients for a specific product page is also time intensive. Naturally, each team has its own tasks and skills and needs to be given the right information to do their job.

That’s why the PIM allows you to manage user rights accurately, and only accords viewing and modification rights to the appropriate departments.

With Quable PIM you can address all of these friction points, centralize product data in one unique place and allow teams to collaborate efficiently.

Excel can seem like a good choice to begin with, but it can rapidly become time-costly… PIM is your go-to option to facilitate the whole chain of product data enrichment.

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