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What makes Quable PIM so perfect for the Tourism Industry ?


6 November 2018

Holidays over ? It won’t last : a lot of holidaymakers enjoy planning their next getaways well in advance. No sooner are they back from one trip, than the game of seduction starts to lure them in with new tempting travel offers.

After all, booking a holiday requires preparation: getting information about the location, the activities on offer, inquiring about facilities, the check in / check out times, the kid’s club opening hours…

In fact, a travel product page is certainly one of the most dense you’ll find in the e-commerce world: when on the verge of making such a high impact purchase, customers need key information to advise and reassure them. The last thing they want is for their holiday to be spoiled, and an error in a product page could lead them to change the organization of their trip entirely.

The density and complexity of tourism data

For travelers, rearranging everything is a lot easier said than done. That’s why the availability and the accuracy of product information is crucial. To sell, a product must be described as precisely and as exhaustively as possible.

Product data enrichment requires significant human input above all. Different departments are involved in creating a product: the Product Team who define the offer, the Content Team who write the product description and the SEO Manager who optimizes the file for referencing. It turns out creating synergy between everyone and increasing productivity is a real challenge.


This is where a PIM for Tourism makes utter sense. It enables you to collect all the information related to a tourism product in a unique online interface.

Whether your employees are at the head office, or in a business unit abroad, they have access to a task system complete with alerts which allows them to enrich the information on the same product page online. What’s more, a workflow system ensures the suggestion process and content validation are respected.

Thanks to the PIM, errors are avoided and collaboration is smooth running: the product page gets enriched a lot faster. Ultimately, all that saved time means more turnover !


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Managing the fine detail of tourism products stress-free

What if product teams no longer needed to spend forever compiling content files and could bring value by focusing on the big picture? The tourism PIM restructures and prioritizes all of the information linked to a tourism product automatically.

We work with our clients to define their product directory settings during the PIM setup process, leaving them to control the links between their different products each time a new one is created on the PIM interface. For example, you can easily connect an activity to a Resort, or a more specific category such as « children’s activities ». If there are changes, you simply unlink categories or make new connections.

The importance of media in the tourism industry

Content aside, the visuals are of primary importance in the tourism sector to give travelers a sense of immersion in their future experience. That’s why Quable PIM has an integrated DAM feature (Digital Asset Management) so you can centralize and manage all your product media assets.

By bringing together Content and Media elements in a single tool, Quable PIM enables you to link each photograph with a product page and manage photo credits and the size and definition of photos with ease.

Your complete product data can now be stored in this unique PIM dedicated to tourism. All you have left to do now is diffuse it everywhere !

Omnichannel travel

No matter which sales and communication channels you choose, the PIM is suited to meet your needs. It will save you a lot of time when it comes to diffusion, not to mention the fact that your information will be uniform and consistent across channels.

Product page modifications are automatically applied across channels by the PIM. Avoiding the knock-on effect of having to make modifications on each of your channels saves you a lot of time:


You choose only the required fields for each marketplace and automatically diffuse this data alone.


All you have to do is select the texts and images you want to appear in your catalogue template. Whether it’s intended for your partners, distributors, mailing lists, or even for internal communication, you create it in a few clicks.


You can create a more concise brochure which regroups information by destination or by hotel. Thus, you can easily create a detailed brochure for a specific product, in paper format or as a downloadable PDF.

PIM : what are the advantages for the tourism sector ?

In an increasingly competitive world where even private individuals are acting as hotelkeepers, it is essential for tourism professionals to ensure the quality and consistency of their product information.

Thanks to its online interface, information prioritization system, and integrated DAM, the PIM allows you to manage highly dense information with great simplicity and a smooth running process.

All that’s left now is to launch your products on the right channels and be visible in the right place and time to maximize your sales.


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